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Any knows any good online lessons for learning guitar?

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After sitting around and wishing I knew how to play the guitar, I've finally decided to just go ahead and learn. I’m not new to music by any means, I've been playing violin and piano since I was 5 years old (I'm now 24) and have been in some light touch with the guitar.

My biggest problem now is where to start. I also understand that there are two different types of acoustic guitars: steel-string and classical. I'd actually like to learn a bit of both...to be able to play some classical guitar (John Williams blows me away) along with some more light-hearted Jack Johnson-type stuff. I plan on taking some online lessons to help get me started and want to have a source that can match all the needs I want like learning all the chords,. I just don’t it to be over soon, but practice with daily lessons.

Suggest me something that I can look upon …… Sorry for the long post and thanks for your help!

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It’s always good to have some prior knowledge other then just going on the net and imagine you being spoon-fed. I have just been over with my teaching lessons from a teacher and due to my busy schedule I had missed some classes which I could not get back. Then I decided to learn guitar online. That is Hotstrings.HotStrings—the source for the easy way to learn guitar. Download the free viewer and courses directly to your PC. Learn the chords, licks and shredding techniques of seasoned professionals. Master easy daily exercises with real songs and a real band.

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The best lesson, for any instrument, is to know the song first.

If you don't know it going in, you never will.

That's certainly the case when working with tabs or a fake book, but you can certainly play music written in standard notation without knowing the piece.

But when beginning, it is a good idea to start with stuff you can hum from memory already, it will make learning much easier.

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