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Fans of long-lost singles- '78-'82


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Hi all. I wanted to tell you about a new internet radio station (or "playlist") that I've developed over at Imeem.

As a 1982 high school graduate, I spent many a day from 8th grade through senior year, listening to the Casey Kasem countdowns. I think I knew the words to every song on the radio.

Anyway, many of the songs from that era made a one or two week appearence in the Top 40 and disappeared into oblivion. Others made nice chart runs, but are rarely heard on oldies or 80's stations these days.

That's why I developed my playlist. There are about 240 songs on it right now (and I'm adding more every day). Take a peak and give it a listen. I'm sure it'll jog your memory some (maybe in a bad way, LOL).

Enjoy and feel free to comment.


Also, does Peaches still post here?

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I graduated HS in 1980, so I know all these songs quite well. I too was addicted to Casey every Sunday morning on "great radio stations like" 99X in New York, and other places after I went off to college. But while some of these are from the bottom of the top 40, many of these are top 10 hits or higher . . . many of them already have a spot on my iPod, and several others are waiting for me to get the chance to add them.

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Thanks, Lucky. Nice to be back.

As for the previous post, yes, I threw in a few more-popluar numbers, to keep the playlist more indicative of what it was like listening to top 40 radio back in the day.

However, I avoided a lot of the Tainted Love, Our Lips Are Sealed- type songs that are still played over and over again on oldies and 80's stations. While I have a few 'common' songs on the playlist, the affect I was going for is for the listener to say to themselves, "Oh man. I remember this song", or, "Oh, I used to like this song and haven't heard it for years".

For anyone who's given it a chance, I hope you're enjoying it. :cool:

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I LOVED listening to Casey Kasem's Countdown!!!!

I don't suppose you subscribe to XM? Their '70s and '80s channels have been running an old AT40 episode each week for about two years now. As far as I can tell, they pick a random year from that decade and play an episode from the current month. (For example, even as I type this, the '80s channel is playing a countdown from May '86.)

Anyway, I see there are a few bottom-feeders from that era that are missing from Junior's list:

  • "Video Killed The Radio Star" by The Buggles - reached #40 for a single week in late '79, two years before its video was famously used to launch MTV
  • "Train, Train" by Blackfoot - #38 in late '79
  • "Atomic" by Blondie - #39 in June '80; three out of her first four '80s singles hit #1, and this song happened to be the one misfire in the bunch
  • "Just So Lonely" by Get Wet - this may well be the decade's most obscure one-hit wonder, reaching #39 in the spring of 1981 before promptly dropping back off the face of the Earth
  • "(Me) Without You" by Andy Gibb - his last hurrah, barely cracking #40 for one week in '81
  • "Jones vs. Jones" by Kool & the Gang - granted, it's not easy to follow up a #1 song like "Celebration", but only #39 in spring '81? C'mon...

I'd come up with more, but I'm almost ready to turn in for the night.

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