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Fall Out Boy Thinking Of Antarctica 2?

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Fall Out Boy Thinking Of Antarctica 2?

Fall Out Boy had to abandon their record breaking feat of being the first band to play Antarctica, but now they're seriously contemplating a second try. The band was close to pulling the first-of-a-kind feat off, and they even had an official for the Guinness Book Of World Records there to certify it. After dragging a crew of 15, weather conditions forced the band out of their slot and they didn't have the resources to wait an additional week or so to pull it off.

At the time, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz was bummed, but does he think the band will make another attempt at the record?

Pete Wentz On Failed Antarctica Trip

"I think so. I think the interesting thing is that when you make an attempt...it's boring to watch people win all the time. It was a bummer when it happened, but I think the great thing about it, the attempt, is that you keep trying and hopefully we'll do it again."

Fall Out Boy recently released their first live DVD/CD ****: Live In Phoenix, and the collection features a cover of Michael Jackson's Beat It.

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