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Great Courtroom Scenes


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I love movies with great courtroom scenes in them....What are some of your favorites?...I'm hoping to get some ideas on movies I haven't seen yet...A few that come to mind are

Primal Fear ~ Brilliant ending too!...Loved Edward Norton for this role..

Fracture ~ Just saw this the other night...

And Justice For All ~ Al Pacino is awesome in just about any role...

My Cousin Vinny ~ Funny stuff

A Few Good Men

Here's a favorite scene from Primal Fear...Laura Linney was excellent in this movie also...

Primal Fear Courtroom Scene

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Here are some more off the top of my head....

Absence Of Malice with Paul Newman, Sally Field...excellent.

The Verdict-paul Newman...awesome.

The Rainmaker-Matt Damon, Danny DeVito

Runaway Jury-Gene Hackman

Class Action-Hackman again.

Witness For The Prosecution-Tyrone Power

The Juror-Demi Moore

Inherit The Wind-Spencer Tracy, Frederick March

Philadelphia-Tom Hanks

A Few Good Men-Tom Cruise,Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore

High Crimes-Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman

Criminal Law-Gary Oldman, Kevin Bacon

Suspect (with Cher doing a pretty good job)

A Civil Action-John Travolta

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To Kill a Mockingbird-Gregory Peck (probably my all-time favorite courtroom movie)

Twelve Angry Men-Henry Fonda, Jack Klugman and others

Presumed Innocent-Harrison Ford & Raul Julia

Witness-Harrison Ford

And of a more comic note:

Nuts-Barbra Streisand

Bananas-Woody Allen (a hilarious scene where Allen cross-examines himself)

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Oh, Laurie, great topic, I'm a huge, HUGE fan of courtroom drama...who doesn't love Matlock? My very favorite courtroom film is Anatomy of a murder - here's a Youtube video I posted... RIGHT HERE

Also From The Hip starring Judd Nelson is a great one in addition to many posted here.

p.s. ...And Justice for All.

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Fried Green Tomatoes has a good courtroom scene.

All of Me with Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin is screamingly funny and has a great courtroom scene.

And remember the episode of Seinfeld in which Kramer is a witness for Newman when he's trying to beat a speeding ticket? One of my favorites and it ends with a nice little bit of slapstick.

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