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I tripped over this incredible personal flashback!

Ain't That Just Like Me -- George & Teddy and the Condors

George and Teddy were popular peformers on the early to mid 60s nightclub scene in San Francisco’s North Beach. My brother owned, and I fondly remember, the album George & Teddy and the Condors: In Person From Ciro's Le Disc * (Reprise RS-6135).

And around the same time, Bobby Freeman revitalized his career with the the hit

C'mon and Swim **

Bobby Freeman played at the infamous Condor Club.

The Godmother of Topless Dancing***Carol Doda ‘swam’ twelve times nightly to Freeman’s accompaniment.


* [smaller]George & Teddy (Teddy & George ??) had recorded a different Live album [/smaller] At The Condor [smaller] previously. Ciro’s Le Disc was a popular club in Los Angeles, where The Byrds really first started taking off.[/smaller]

** [smaller]from Wikipedia: "[/smaller]C'mon And Swim [smaller] was written and produced by twenty-year-old Sylvester Stewart, later known as Sly Stone."[/smaller]

*** [smaller]and Silicone Knockers[/smaller]

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