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The Songfactors' Choice Top Ten #110

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" Shadowplay "- The Killers


" Lust For Life "- Iggy Pop


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Go for it ! I'd thought about nominating Joy Division's version , but it seems a bit raw and garage-sounding . I just heard this on the radio and thought they did a good remake of it - ' cleaned it up ' a bit .

I already nominated, but anyway... are we talking about the same song?

the one I mean is from 2001, to my knowledge Joy Division never did a version of it... I think...

PS. in the video there's a fictional band called "The Killers", which inspired the real band for their name :)

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Methinks Shadowplay was a song by Joy Division before it was a song by the Killers (the non-fictional band)

Thanks , Levis .

Re: 'Crystal ' , Farin, to clear things up maybe:

Per Wikipedia AND the description of the video:

"The fictional band is named "The Killers" (the name appears on the bass drum in the video). This name later inspired the real band of the same name, who lifted a number of elements of the layout of the set in the "Crystal" video for the their own video "Somebody Told Me".

--Wikipedia "

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Need a lift?

Lovely Day-Bill Withers

Still frowning?

Make Me Smile-Chicago

BONUS VIDS (not for top ten consideration...just for entertainment)

Why? Because....

I'm A Happy Man-Jive Five

You've Made Me So Very Happy-Blood, Sweat and Tears David Clayton Thomas on vocals.

Then there's this chestnut...

Oh How Happy-The Shades Of Blue

OK, I'll stop now.

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For your entertainment.
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Let's see, we have a new Tenner (welcome Epiphany, to the ten!) Kevy is back... Mindcrime is back, Darryl is changing nominations at will, and vowing to "stick to his lista" :shades: , and Joe is one happy guy. Looks as though all is right in this little piece of the world! :thumbsup:

And a new bunch of really good songs. :P;)

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