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Memorable SNL Music Moments

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I didn't know before I posted the link, but HULU videos are only available in the states GRRRRRRRR! Up yours capitalist NBC pigs!

That being said, they have every Addams Family episode online-YAY!

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I tried and failed to find a clip of Lorne Michaels beseeching The Beatles to reunite ("you can give Ringo less ; that's up to you")


Beatle Offer is from Season One, episode 18 (Air date: Apr. 24, 1976; Total Time: 2:05).

You can read the full transcript of Lorne Michaels offer here:

SNL Transcript: Beatles Offer

*note* The transcript is not 100% accurate. I was reading it while watching the clip on amazon and it is slightly different from what Lorne actually says.

You can purchase a download of the full show from Amazon for $1.99


watch a free 30 second clip of Lorne Michaels making the offer to The Beatles


SNL, Season 1, episode 18 from Amazon

The clip is found in the upper left corner of the Amazon page.

It ends with the comment he makes about Ringo.

Here's another clip from BeatlesLane that shows a little bit more with some commentary from others thrown in:


Also, there's Beatle Offer 2 in Season 1, episode 21 (Air date: May 22, 1976; Total Time: 2:54),

Lorne Michaels followed up on his original offer ($3000) to The Beatles to reunite and perform on the show by offering them $3200.

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A friend sent me this, some of them had me in tears. Originally done by cast member Tim Kazurinsky, as Dr. Jack Badofsky.

Sexual gratification. We all dig it. But we all have different ways of achieving it. And since the desired goal is to climax, I think orgasms deserve specification rather than be lumped into one category because they aren't always so easily achieved and often takes some experimentation. So after interviewing thousands of people (ok, so they were all imaginary), here are different types of orgasms I've uncovered.

Visiting a brothel? - whoregasm

Wake up aroused by a dream? - snoregasm

Missionary position...again? - boregasm

Workaholic? - choregasm

Shopaholic? - storegasm

Masturbate after eating an apple? - coregasm.

Turned on by fantasy? - folkloregasm.

Like doing it on a golf course? - foregasm

An old west climax - LouisL'Amourgasm

Get off on old, B-list actresses? - ZsaZsaGaborgasm

Excited by sex on the beach? - shoregasm

Does candy do it for you? - smoregasm

Come to climax with a lion? roargasm.

Or if donkeys are your thing... - Eeyoregasm

Tennis groupie? - BjornBorgasm

Into robots? - cyborgasm

Did it result in carpet burn? - floorgasm

Like to do it on the buffet table? - smorgasbordgasm

Find bullfighter to be hot? matadorgasm

Does Lionel Ritchie make you swoon? - Commodoregasm

Are splinters a turn on? two-by-fourgasm

Two no one will ever have? An AlGoregasm or a PaulyShoregasm.

Personal Favorites,




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:laughing: :laughing: those were all hysterical!

Here's the one that has me laughing out loud, though:

Did it result in carpet burn? - floorgasm

And no, not from personal experience! :shocked:

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Seeing your post reminded me of the SNL skit with Rob Schneider as Orgasm Guy.

I just watched it last month on Hulu but it has since been removed. It was also removed from youtube.

I did find a similar skit on the web.

It's Orgasm Guy from a show in Europe.

It's not as funny as the original skit from SNL but Rob Scneider does a guest appearance in it.

I think everyone should have a copy of Bad Boys Of SNL.

Europe's version of Orgasm Guy

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Joe Cocker performing with John Belushi is one I always liked.

First, John Belushi did an impersonation of Joe Cocker singing "With A Little Help From My Friends."

John Belushi as Joe Cocker - "With A Little Help From My Friends"

Joe Cocker had this to say about it:

This thing about me being spastic is something I can't get away from. I did The David Letterman Show not long ago, and he is still going on about me being spastic. I can't talk about anything else when I go on those shows.

During the time of "You Are So Beautiful," I was working at Village Recorders, in Los Angeles, and someone comes into the studio and says, "Joe, we've got this video to show you that you're not going to like." I don't know how long Saturday Night Live had been on the air, because I never watched much TV, but when I saw this video of John Belushi doing me being spastic and pouring beer, I became hysterical.

Everyone else said, "Joe, you're not supposed to find this amusing. You're supposed to find this gross and inoffensive."

I said, "Oh, come on. You can't not laugh at this." I didn't even know who Belushi was.

Moving my hand around is subconscious with me. A lot of the time I'm more or less conducting the band, just keeping a feel. I don't know why I do it. It's just one of those things. [End Quote]

Then, on a later show, Joe Cocker performed "Feelin' Alright" with John Belushi.

Both classic and memorable performances.

Joe Cocker & John Belushi performing "Feelin' Alright"


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