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Boz's Blues


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In the mid-90s Boz Scaggs returned to his primo Blues - R&B style.

I heard this one on the radio the other day, then lucked into it on YouTube

It All Went Down The Drain -- Boz Scaggs (1997)

I thought about posting this on several threads: Horns (pop, rock, funk and soul), Best Worst Singers, Earworms, even Videos for Prospective Nominations -- but, heck, I'll just share it here. It's got all the things bazooka likes. Hope some y'all dig it, too.

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bazooka I love Boz! When I saw him in concert I was like man, this is just awesome! :cool:

He is an artist that is under-rated, gets lost in the shuffle of music out there, and he deserves a spotlight. I would love to see him and Steve Miller get together again and do an album and tour.

Here's a couple of my favs...

Sick and Tired

Hard Times (Rescue Me)

I love all his music, I have most of his albums. Thanks for bringing him to the spotlight! And he's from Ohio...we sure know how to make 'em here...LOL! :D

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I for one love Boz Scaggs. Best Worst Singers!!!!! Whoa, I love his voice. Dirty Low Down? Hell Yeah!!!

I think I may have nomanated him in the ten at some point :D

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and not only that...
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