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Avant Garde/Experimental Music circa 1960's

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Hello all :)

I'm a new member to these forums.

I'm looking for people to fill out a Music Questionnaire if they're interested. Its on Avant garde Music of the early 50's - late 60's, and its for my 3rd year Degree Dissertation that I need help with. I'm looking to see if this Music has been accepted to a modern audience within Popular Culture.

I'd be very greatful for anyone that could fill it out. The whole thing will take less than 2 minutes! :)

Heres the link:


Thank you,


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I did it too. The first sample is excellent... Pierre Henry has done some amazing work with Spooky Tooth.

I´m a fan of Philip Glass, by the way.

I couldn´t open the Stockhausen link (actually, I couldn´t open any of them but I saw them on youtube) and I edited my post to say, as Radhi, welcome to SF! :thumbsup:

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