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I searched and she doesn't have a thread of her own and she deserves one.

I remember hearing her back in high school, cool raspy voice. Then I learned she could kick ass on a guitar and I wanted to hear more of Bonnie Raitt.

So I bought an album, Sweet Forgiveness and loved her version of "Runaway". I liked her blues sassy sound. I started reading up on her and learned about her love of some great artists like Sippie Wallace and Howlin' Wolf. This was a rockin' chick, she had me hooked.

I kept listening to her over the years, read about he battle with drugs and how she won that battle. Would see her perform with friends like Jackson Browne, Roy Orbison, kd lang, being part of the No Nukes concert...her career never really hitting the big spotlight, then it did in 1989 with Nick of Time, getting her the Grammys she deserved.

Bonnie is still listened to at my house and in my car. She's like a great old friend that you need to have by your side. And she is one hell of a guitar player with a sexiness that is just there, not in your face but she has it, and it looks great on her.

Here's a few of my favs....

Angel From Montgomery


Thank You (recorded when she was 21)

I'm In The Mood with John Lee Hooker

Any thoughts on this cool lady of rock and roll and blues??

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I own everythihng she ever recorded. Been a fan since her very first (self titled)album.

Judging by your list of faves I think you'd love everything on her first album. You seem to enjoy her covers and the first album has several including Stephen Stills' Bluebird (beautiful), The Marvelettes' Danger, Heartbreak Dead Ahead (rockin')and Buddy Johnson's/Lenny Welch's Since I Fell For You to name just a few.

I had the great good fortune to catch her in concert with Randy Newman at the Forrest in Philly in '71.

Her concerts are always great and she's always surrounded by excellent musicians (like herself).

In addition to her tremendous talent she happens to be a complete sweetheart, too.

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