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Best Guitar players of all time

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I'm not a musician so I don't know if he's technically the best, but for overall effect and pure rock 'n roll strut, the great Jimmy Page. Have you seen him lately? He's the coolest 65 year old on the planet!
Very impressive that he recently got a country music award...ooops, that was Robert.


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"Frank Zappa"

"Steve Vai"

"Albert King"

"Ry Cooder"

"Lowell George"

"Jerry Garcia"

Jorma" (duh) from the Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna

"David Gilmour" (just for echoes) :coolio: :guitar:

"Jimi Hendrix"

and "Jeff Beck"...I could go on and on... :couch: "Rory Gallagher" "SRV" Eric Clapton" and (I'm sorry" the guy from "Focus")"Joe Satriani" (sp?)"Eric Johnson" "Ian Moore" "Gary Moore""Phil" (from motorhead) too many different names..."Alvin Lee" "and I'm sure I missed a few... :doh: :soapbox: "Pete Townsend""Ritchie Blackmore" "Steve Morse""Bob Mould"... Sorry bout the long post..."George Harrison"..."Todd Rundgen"...again sorry bout the spelling...and "prince" sorta hard to figure out but a very, very good guitarist... :couch: :soapbox: I know I left some out but... :doh: the guitarist for the "Scorpions"And again "I apologize" but "Johnny Winter" Billy Gibbons" and "Roy Buchanan" I could go on and on...

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Did anybody mention Frank Marino? ???

For years and years, he was either #1 or #2 among my favourite all-time guitarists. Here is my top 5 which hasn't changed for a loooooong time -

1) SRV

2) Frank Marino

3) Gary Richrath

4) Johnny Winter

5) Jake E. Lee

Oh, and #6 for that same duration has been -

6) John, Paul & George (yes, they are one cohesive unit)

For the next dozen or so, I'm still not sure of what order -

- Joe Satriani (probably 7th)

- Frank Zappa

- Joe Walsh

- Kim Mitchell


- Nuno Bettencourt

- Pat Travers

- Alvin Lee

- Hendrix

- Jose Feliciano

etc. Of course I'm forgettin' some.


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