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Best Guitar players of all time

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I seem to recall Steve Howe being voted "best all around guitarist 6 years straight back in the 70's.

But I cant say he's my all time favorite. as I like many different guitarist, along with styles, and ect.

A subject such as this is just a matter of personal preference. Its not a subject that will produce a deffinitive answer.

Most of the guitarists mentioned I have heard, but I cant put any one in front of the other as they'r styles ect differ alot.

In expl: Rod Richards, (original guitarist for Rare Earth) maybe no ones favorite. But an insperation to me. He among many others.

Just alittle food for thought!


PS: If anyone has an interest in Rare Earth, I have a link to a forum where most of the band members (past and present) hang out, and like to converse with anyone.. But no BS. be cool. They'r great guys who take the time to answer questions and offer lost recordings of live shows.

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Get Purple Rain by Prince...that's probably some of his best work. The guitar solo on "Let's Go Crazy" is pretty cool.

those two songs you mentioned + Kiss and 1999 are the one I know, they are pretty cool indeed :)

Prince actually plays more than 30 instruments....yes, Viannie, including the guitar.

*note, can I still request a name change :P:D

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In no particular order:

Mark Knopfler (absolutely gorgeous tone)

Sonny Landreth (an amazing electric slide guitarist)

Alvin Lee (any doubters merely have to watch his Woodstock performance)

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Jeff Beck

Eric Johnston

Johnny Winter (never really given his due. A co-holder, along with SRV, of the title of greatest Texas guitarist) He is still a formidable talent even though he has been hobbled by arthritis.

Eric Clapton

Carlos Santana

Rory Gallagher. (another greatly underrated guitarist. He was often

pissed when he played, which makes his virtuosity even more amazing. He always made it seem so effortless.)

Johnny Hiland (a fantastic guitarist that virtually nobody has heard of)

Mercury Blues - Johnny Hiland

Eric Clapton

Carlos Santana

Peter Green

Albert Lee (Clapton tried for years to get this guy into his band)

Vince Gill (a truly gifted guitarist, one of many in country music)

Lenny Breau

Roy Clark

Richard Thompson

Jeff Healey While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Jeff Healey

Rayzor was absolutely right about this guy.

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