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Gov. of NY Involved in Prostitution Ring

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NY governor linked to prostitution ring

NEW YORK - The New York Times is reporting that Gov. Eliot Spitzer has told senior advisers that he had been involved in a prostitution ring.

On its Web site, the newspaper cites an anonymous administration official as the source and says Spitzer was meeting with his top aides.

Spitzer officials wouldn't immediately comment on the story to The Associated Press. An announcement was scheduled for 2:15 p.m. at his Manhattan office.

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Spitzer is the self-proclaimed "Anti-Corruption" Crusader. He took that approach with big business and tried to convince the public it was for the good of the consumer. In actuality, it was for the good of his popularity and ability to get elected. So far, he has proven to be a lousy governor, a bully and now...stupid.

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