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Best Worst Singers.

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You know how there's certain singers out there who are pretty bad at singing, but there's something intriguing about their voice, and they make it work for what they do.

Like Roger Waters, for example. His voice is far from the textbook definition of beautiful, but I'll be damned if "Don't Leave Me Now" isn't one of the greatest vocal performances in rock. Another one I can think of off the top of my head is Isaac Brock (of Modest Mouse).

Any singers out there you can think of who suck in a good way??

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Rod Stewart when he sang with The Faces and in his early solo years. It always sounded like he was gargling gravel, but it really suited the raunchy nature of the music he was singing.

When he started singing disco and later when he fancied himself an old fashioned crooner, his voice just sucked!

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Someone already said Brian Johnson and it's true, if he were there singing alone it would sound like someone having an appendix burst. But with the band and the type of music it fits just right.

I'd even include AC/DC's first singer Bon Scott, because although his voice was not as rough it's not like he had any voice training. He knew how to entertain the crowd tho! :bow:

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