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Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus- Spirit


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Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus



1. Nothin' To Hide

2. Nature's Way

3. Animal Zoo

4. Love Has Found A Way

5. Why Can't I Be Free

6. Mr. Skin

7. Space Child

8. When I Touch You

9. Street Worm

10. Life Has Just Begun

11. Morning Will Come

12. Soldier

I've talked briefly about this album on the forum already, and I thought it was time I described it in full.

From the first scream of "WAKE UP!" to the mellow, piano led "Soldier", this album explores a massive range of emotions, and by the end just feels to be complete. This is an album of which you never listen to just one track. The guitar stands out in particular, supporting the vocals beautifully and coming to the forefront when necessary.

This could be considered a concept album of sorts, the twelve songs being "Dr. Sardonicus"'s twelve dreams, although the concept is not all that important to the album. The album begins with the rocking "Nothin' To Hide", and from the first entry of the electric guitar, the listener will know that s/he is in for an exciting experience. A well-placed horn section keeps the music moving through the experimental guitar solo.

This leads into "Nature's Way", a quieter, environmentally friendly call to attention. The quality of the guitar playing remains top-notch, but not as prominent.

Next is one of my personal favourites, "Animal Zoo". It's one of those songs that just makes it's way into deep enough into your mind that you will find yourself singing it at the top of your lungs walking down the street. The vocals are great, with a lot of harmonies.

Another highlight on "Twelve Dreams" is the psychadelic, spacey instrumental "Space Child". A lot of interesting sounds and well-written melodies.

In the album's final songs, a feeling of resolution features prominently, which helps the end feel complete as I mentioned above.

"Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus" ends on the soulful "Soldier", with some beautiful vocal harmonies and references to the beginning of the album.

As a whole, "Twelve Dreams" is a well-rounded psychadelic album. It is an exciting listen and great to sing along to. I would strongly recommend it, especially to those of you who like psychadelic rock.


Since I know a lot of you aren't familiar with Spirit, here are a couple of youtube links.

Animal Zoo


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