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"I should have known better..." male vocal rock tune needs ID


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this song has been in my head since last summer.. where i live now i do not get 93x so i never hear it anymore.. i have searched the internet for the lyrics and nothing comes up... here are some lyrics....

"i should have known better i should have never let you get away.... i wont let you walk away cuz now i know better give your love to me today.. i had to watch you walk away.. i should have known better........"

thats like the middle to end of the song.. please help

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I Should Of Known Better ~ Cinder Road

I remember when you told me you'd never give up

I took for granted all the times you gave me your love

Now it's over and you're saying you've had enough

I wanted to die when I heard you say goodbye

Now there's nothing I can do man I should've known better

I had to watch you walk away

I should've known better

To think that I would be okay

I should've known better

I'm half the man I was yesterday

All I can say is I should've known better

Should've never let you get away

I should've known better

There's so much pain that lives inside me that no one can see

A thousand reasons why you left me down on my knees

I was blind and you were angry

Now I'm coming clean

I told a lot of lies and I always made you cry

But there's nothing I can change yeah I should've known better

I won't let you walk away

Cause now I know better

Give your love to me today

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I think Cinder Road is a great band.

Here's a link to listen to the song on you tube:

"Should've Known Better" - Cinder Road

This clip is actually just the audio of the song with no video.

Here's a couple of other good songs by the band to check out. Both videos are from video games featuring their songs.

"Learning To Love" - Cinder Road

"Back Home To You" - Cinder Road

Here's a link to check out all videos of the band on you tube.

Cinder Road Videos

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