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Yeah, Def Leppard was on. They had the record playing. They weren't even amped up, man.

I watched that. To me they didn't appear to be lip synching. But maybe I'm not as adept at spotting those things. I think they have to keep it toned down a bit because the room they're in is very small, plus it's family hour. ;)

I'm amazed, Sammy, that you have all but admitted you watch DWTS. :shocked: ;)

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Normally, I don't watch it. But yesterday, I was at my brother's house WATCHING BASEBALL (like a real man should be doing), when the sister-in-law came running in the room and said, "Turn on Channel 6, you HAVE to see this!" It was Dep Leffard, and ANYONE could tell that it was the record. There was no difference whatsoever from the hit song that you remember from the radio 20 years ago.

You could even tell the dudes weren't playing the chords. They even looked bored. They were just swaying back and forth and pretending to strum the guitars. They weren't even TRYING to fake it. Reminded me a little of that part in "Airheads" when the record exec wanted them to make a video with the record playing behind them.

Pitiful, I tell you. Absolutely pitiful.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester: :jester: :doh:

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