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Help With Songs from 1993


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I graduated high school in 1993 and to mark the "auspicious" 15th anniversary of said event, I would like to make a CD of songs from 1993.

Here is what I have so far-

Are You Gonna Go My Way~Lenny Kravitz

Cannonball~The Breeders

Come to My Window~Melissa Etheridge

Divorce Song~Liz Phair

Dream All Day~The Posies

Fade Into You~Mazzy Star

Far Behind~Candlebox

******* and Run~Liz Phair

Giving Him Something He Can Feel~En Vogue

Heart Shaped Box~Nirvana

Human Wheels~Mellencamp, John


Insane in the Membrane~Cypress Hill


Linger~The Cranberries


Passionate Kisses~Mary Chapin Carpenter

Push th’ Little Daisies~Ween

Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)~Diggable Planets

Rump Shaker~Wreckx N Effect

Soap Star Joe~Liz Phair


Two Steps Behind~Def Leppard

Walk Away Joe~Tricia Yearwood/Don Henley

What If I Came Knocking~John Mellencamp

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^ my you're lazy... :P;)

Runaway Train ~ Soul Asylum

What's Up ~ 4 Non Blondes

Creep ~ Radiohead

Rooster ~ Alice in Chains

Two Princes ~ Spin Doctors

Sweet Harmony ~ The Beloved

Boom! Shake the Room ~ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince

Cat's in the Cradle ~ Ugly Kid Joe

Hello ~ Shakespeare's Sisters

Cryin' ~ Aerosmith

No Rain ~ Blind Melon

for now :)

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obviously ;)

maybe I should've included

Die Da ~ Fanta4

the very first popular german hip hop song


Schrei Nach Liebe ~ Die Ärzte

important for several reasons:

maybe the reunion of the decade

the first politcal song from a principally unpolitical band (in their songs, not in their additude)

and a song like this was really needed in the time it came out :crazy: :P

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I don't remember much about the whole of 1993, for my year went as such-

January to May-high school senior, miserable by virtue of being a high school senior, too busy listening to The Doors and REM to pay much attention to anything

August to December-college freshman, so, basically too drunk to pay attention to anything.

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Reap What You Sow - Powderfinger :rockon: (released before their debut album - I doubt that you'd be able to find it. :P )

More great Australian songs from 1993 that you probably have never heard before:

The Honeymoon Is Over - The Cruel Sea :rockon:

The Ship Song - Nick Cave :bow:

Holy Grail - Hunters And Collectors :bow:

Also, according to Wikipedia:

Soul To Squeeze - RHCP

A**hole - Denis Leary

Killing In The Name - Rage Against The Machine

Man On The Moon - REM

Nightswimming - REM

Plush - Stone Temple Pilots

Constant Craving - k. d. lang

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Feed the Tree ~ Belly

Hey, Jealousy ~ Gin Blossoms

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) ~ The Proclaimers

I'd Die Without You ~ PM Dawn

Spin Doctor's had some hits w/Little Miss Can't Be Wrong, Two Princes, and Jimmy Olsen's Blues. Janet Jackson released janet - which was awesome. And Eric Clapton's Unplugged was great as well.

Did someone already mention Whoop! There It Is? Possibly the most overplayed song that year. And I'll refrain from mentioning Garth and Reba :laughing:

You've brought back some memories of high school for me, c-girl :)

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I was doing Top-40 radio in '93, and there will never be another year like it. Here are the #1 songs of that year, complete with my commentary:

"A Whole New World" - Peabo and Regina

Disney was at it's peak before that pesky 3D annimation blew it away. This was from Aladdin.

"Informer" - Snow

A white Reggae rapper.

"Freak Me" - Silk

R&B was in a raunchy phase, and one hit wonders were abundant.

"That's The Way Love Goes" - Janet Jackson

Janet and Michael both made some poor career decisions from here on out.

"Weak" - SWV

Girl group R&B also big from 1992-1995.

"Can't Help Falling In Love" - UB40

Harmless and familiar, it got a ton of airplay.

"Dreamlover" - Mariah Carey

A delightful little song while Mariah was still pure Pop. Note that Mariah doesn't dance in her videos. In this one, she frolicks in a meadow wearing Daisy Dukes. That didn't suck.

"I'd Do Anything For Love" - Meat Loaf

Big comeback song for Meat. Anything was possible once Clinton took office.

"Again" - Janet Jackson

Star power and good marketing. Not one to remember.

"Hero" - Mariah Carey

Mariah at her schlockiest.

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I'm finding out 1993 was not the choicest year for music {Joey Lawrence Sings! A Canadian white boy raps in an unintelligible Jamaican accent!} I was mainly looking for songs I didn't already have in one format or another,but I've come up with a pretty good CD I think.

I'm going with

Are You Gonna Go My Way~Lenny Kravitz

Boom! Shake the Room-DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince *


Dream All Day~The Posies

Feed the Tree-Belly

Hip Hop Hooray-Naughty By Nature

Human Behaviour-Bjork


Insane in the Brain~Cypress Hill

It Was a Good Day-Ice Cube

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm-Crash Test Dummies

Ordinary World-Duran Duran

Rape Me-Nirvana

She Don't Use Jelly-The Flaming Lips

Shoop-Salt N Pepa

Today-Smashing Pumpkins

What Is Love-Haddaway

Whoomp! (There It Is)-Tag Team

* should be left off because Will Smith is now a member of a crazy alien worship cult Scientologist

Edited by Guest
Upon closer examination, not all songs were from 1993, and I left some songs off the list by mistake
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