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Top 10 Greatest Movie Anti-Heroes

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Top 10 Greatest Movie Anti-Heroes


10. Erik Draven (the Crow) [smaller]The Crow (1994)[/smaller]

9. "Mad" Max Rockatansky [smaller]Mad Max & Sequels (1979)[/smaller]

8. Snake Plissken [smaller]Escape from New York (1981) [/smaller]

7. Harry Callahan [smaller]Dirty Harry (1971)[/smaller]

6. Tyler Durden [smaller]Fight Club (1999)[/smaller]

5. The Man With No Name / "Blondie" [smaller]The Dollars Trilogy (1964, 65, 66)[/smaller]

4. The MacManus Brothers (Connor & Murphy) [smaller] The Boondock Saints (1999)[/smaller]

3. D-Fens [smaller]Falling Down (1993)[/smaller]

2. Léon [smaller]Leon: The Professional (1994)[/smaller]

1. Travis Bickle [smaller]Taxi Driver (1976)[/smaller]


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- Bonnie and Clyde :cool:

- Some of those film noirs that star Robert Mitchum.

- The main protagonists in Les 400 Coups and The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner. Good God, it's better that I didn't see these movies when I was an impressionable kid.

- Alain Delon in Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Samourai and Le Cercle Rouge :beatnik:

- Not just "Manco"/"Blondie" (i.e., "The Man With No Name"), but also "Ramon" and "El Indio" - brilliantly played by Gian-Maria Volonte (who is also in Le Cercle Rouge) - and "Angel Eyes," played by Lee van Cleef (who is also in Escape From New York :cool:).

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I finally just watched Taxi Driver. Wow, what a great movie. Robert DeNiro's a hell of a good actor.

That famous ad lib really made movie history.

Great and memorable score by Bernard Herrmann (the guy who composed the music for Psycho and The Day The Earth Stood Still). I think Taxi Driver was his last as well. I often mention him, but it's not enough :rockon:

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1. Alex from "A Clockwork Orange"

2. Hannibal Lecter from "Silence Of The lambs" et al

3. Tyler Durden from "Fight Club"

4. Jareth from "Labyrinth"

And I really can't think of anymore right now I'll come back and update when I get some inspiration, I'm trying to think of some female one's too.

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nope, antagonist =/= antihero :)

an antagonist is the typical 'bad guy' in a "hero vs villian" situation

an antihero is basically the hero, but eg with major and obvious weaknesses (and I don't mean "I hate snakes" Indiana Jones ;) )

or maybe they're ruthless in doing what they think is right, or they're a criminal...

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