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..so first of all, smoking is bad, m'kay? You shouln't smoke...

...and alcohol is bad, you shouln't drink alcohol...

and as for drugs, well, drugs are bad, you shouln't do drugs..

OK that about wraps up my introduction. Are there any questions?

Yes Stan?

-Why do dogs have cold noses?


Soundslike an goverment-funded commercial, don't it?

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To compliment your post I'm goin' to quote a little South Park song from the South Park Movie, that ties in really well with our drug discussion

"Til your down on your back givin'...(anyone who's seen the movie knows what he sais here, it's impossible to bleep ::)...for crack"

"It's easy m'kay" :laughing: :laughing:

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I wouldn't want to condone the use of drugs especially as many of you on here appear to be quite young. [Forgive me if I'm wrong and I don't mean to sound patronising, either].

It's certainly true that we've lost so many great artists to drugs, either through death or through their having their brains fried [syd as mentioned and don't forget Peter Green, either. OK, he performs again intermittently but he's not what he once was].

It's ironic, then, that most artists of worth seem to produce their most creative and best stuff when they're smacked off their heads or tripping to God-knows-where.

I mean, even Billie Holiday or Ray Charles were at their vocal peaks when on heroin, not to mention the Stones 'purple patch'. The Beatles best songs come from acid and dope and it was Dylan who introduced them to dope!

Obviously, that's only a tiny few examples but the fact is that it's still the same today - even dance music stems from chemicals and I think we know about the hip-hop/r'n'b scene.........

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