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The Winner


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The hulk of a man with a beer in his hand he looked like a drunk old fool

And I knew if I hit him right why I could knock him off of that stool

But everybody they said watch out hey that's Tiger Man McCool

He's had the whole lotta fights and he's always come out winner yeah he's a winner

But I had myself about five too many and I walked up tall and proud


I faced his back and I faced the fact that he had never stooped or bowed

I said "Hey, Tiger Man, you're a pussycat" and a hush fell on the crowd

I said "let's you and me go outside and see who's a winner"

Well he gripped the bar with one big hairy hand then he braced against the wall

He slowly looked up from his beer my God that man was tall


He said "boy I see you're a scrapper so just before you fall..

I'm gonna tell you, just a little, bout what it means to be a winner"

He said "now you see these bright white smilin' teeth, you know they ain't my own.

Mine rolled away like Chicklets down some street in San Antone.

But I left that person, cursin' nursin' seven broken bones..

And he only broke uh, three of mine, that makes me the winner..

He said "now behind this grin I got a steel pin, that holds my jaw in place.

A trophy of my most successful, motorcycle, race.

And each morning when I wake and touch this scar across my face

It reminds me of all I got, by bein' a winner.

Now this broken back was the dyin' act of a handsome Harry Clay!

That sticky Cincinnati night, I stole his wife away.

But that woman she gets uglier, and she gets meaner every day.

But I got her boy that's what makes me a winner?

He said you gotta speak loud when you challenge me son cause it's hard for me to hear.

With this twisted neck and these migraine pains and this big ol', cauliflower ear

And if it wadn't for this glass eye of mine why I'd shed a happy tear!

To think of all that you gonna get by bein' a winner

I got arthritic elbows boy, I got dislocated knees.

From pickin' fights with thunderstorms and chargin', into trees

And my nose been broke so often, I might lose if I sneeze.

And son you say you still wanna be a winner

Now you remind me a lotta my younger days with your knuckles, a clenchin' white.

But boy I'm gonna sit right here and sip this beer all night.

And if there's somethin' that you gotta gain to prove by winnin', some silly fight.

Well okay I quit I lose you're the winner

So I stumbled from that barroom not so tall and not so proud.

And behind me I still hear the hoots of laughter of the crowd

But my eyes still see and my nose still works and my teeth're still in my mouth..

And you know I guess that makes me the winner!

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