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Sammy, do you prefer to sniff it right from the tube, or squeeze it into a plastic bag to huff it?

Now, I'll just take a few quick snorts from the tube. But in my younger days, not only did we use a bag, we had to have the RIGHT SIZED bag. I think it was a Size 10 paper bag...big enough to hold a half-gallon of milk, an Italian hoagie, a Charms Blow Pop, and three tubes of Testors.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester: =:P

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Ever wonder what the heck the doc is prescribing for you? Prescription drugs are the most deliberatly abused (and/or the most potentially addictive, leading to unintentional abuse) drugs out there. The brand names tell you nothing, but if you look at the chemical name (often called the generic name) for the medication there is always a syllable that will tell you what type of medication it is. Here's a quick cheatsheet, from the land of pharmacy:

If it ends with "am" it's a benzodiazapine. Most often used for anxiety or sleep. Includes diazepam (valium), alprazolam (xanax), triazolam, clonazepam, and on and on. This drug class doesn't include the new sleep aids like Ambien and Rozerum which supposedly don't contain addictive properties. They are still abused.

If it starts with "meth" or "methyl" or ends in "ine" it has properties that "speed" you up. Count all the medications used for children & ADD in this class. The elderly also take these, for ADD, and at times, narcolepsy. Phentermine is the popular diet pill that so many housewives used to be addicted to. All of these speed up your metabolism, and suppress appetite.

If it ends in "one" it's from the opiate family. Used for pain managment. Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Oxymorphone, all opiates, all dangerous.

Lots of people have no idea what the doc is giving them, and don't realize the seriousness of these medications. They are all controlled substances, for a reason. Substances are placed in those classes by their potential for abuse and/or addiction. Be very careful with them! :P

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I'm hooked on generic Viagra. There's Mycoxafloppin, Mycoxafailin, Mydixadrupin, Mydixarizin, Dixafix, and of course, Ibepokin.

:D one of the more fun aspects of my day, we throw these around a lot.

Drugs should be used for recreational purposes only.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester:

There's a huge market for recreational Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. Nobody wants to be the one that goes to the doc for the rx, but men from 17 to 87 (no joke) are sure willing to buy them for a night of fun. Insurance rarely (maybe 25% of the time) covers these. At $10.80 a tablet currently for Viagra, and 14.00 a tab for Cialis (the 48 hour one) a guy can make a hefty sum selling them. And believe me there are people that do. They go for probably twice that under the table. Since you're paying cash, you can get as many as the rx calls for, as often as you want. We used to have a guy that filled a weekly prescription for 30 tablets.... do the math. ;)

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Just Another Day In Stonerville

Sandwich Delivery | Chicago, IL, USA

I work at a gourmet sandwich company. We can make sandwiches for delivery, pickup, or sit-down. We often get calls from a lot of stoners that want their sandwiches delivered. Probably for “munchies.†It’s about 4pm on Saturday when I get this call.

Me: “Welcome to Jimmy John’s, this is Molly. How can I help you?â€

Stoner 1: “Hey…yeah…â€

Me: “How can I help you today, sir?â€

Stoner 1: “What?â€

Me: “Would you like to order something?â€

Stoner 1: “Yes…â€

(After about two minutes of silence…)

Me: “Hello? Are you still there, sir?â€

Stoner 1: “Yeah, I’m waiting for you to like, ask me what I want.â€

Me: “…Okay, what would you like?â€

Stoner 1: *tells me his order*

Me: “Would you like anything else with that?â€

Stoner 1: “Yeah… get me a cookie.â€

(At this point, I hear a plethora of other stoners in the background.)

Stoner 2: “Cookies!? Where?â€

Stoner 1: *laughing* “Dude, I’m on the phone with the cookie company!â€

(Now I can hear Stoner 2 grab the phone and he begins talking to me.)

Stoner 2: “Hey, cookie company? Make that two cookies!â€

Stoner 3: “Four cookies! I want two!â€

Stoner 2: “SIX COOKIES!â€

Me *trying not to laugh* “Okay, sir, will that be all?â€

Stoner 2: “Yeahhhhhh.â€

Me: “Will that be for pickup or delivery?â€

Stoner 2: “Delivery…†*gives address*

Stoner 1: “DUDE, WHAT IF SHE’S A NARC?â€

Stoner 2: “Sh*t! You know that address I just gave you? I lied about it!â€

(Now I decide to have a little fun with them, considering they wasted my time.)

Me: “Okay, but as a little treat, I’m going to have it delivered anyway. My car will be the one with red and blue flashing lights that reads P-O-L-I-C-E on the side.â€

Stoner 2: “A car with lights? That’s awesome!â€

Stoner 1: “Dude, she means the police!â€

Stoner 2: “SH*T!†*click*

(We ended up delivering to them anyway, because TECHNICALLY they never canceled their order. Our delivery guy came back with the full order, telling us that someone answered the door to tell him no one was home.)

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