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Lisa Loeb

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Lisa might be the most-interviewed subject I've spoken with, so the challenge with her was covering some ground that had not been trod. We went deep into her song Stay, where she explained that a guy made her crazy by saying things like "You only hear what you want to," and what it's like when every song on the radio seems to be your song.

Lisa made the distinction between personal, heartfelt songs and what she calls "Homework Songs," which is something she's really good at: give her a topic and she can write a great little song about it. It's what many of us do day-to-day: we perform our job functions at a high level and try to do something really rewarding and meaningful when we get inspired. If more songwriters understood this, Randy Newman could take some time off.

I was a little sluggish when I spoke with Lisa, but she had a few other interviews the day I spoke with her and was also chill. She strikes me as someone who is genuinely interested in other people and constantly looking for ideas. I'm not sure you could meet her and not want to have her over for pancakes.

Read the Interview with Lisa Loeb.

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Great interview.

Lisa Loeb is abstract but aticulate. Thoughtful, sharp, soft, bitter and sweet. Her songs made my life as a 'soft-rock' AC dj a bit more bearable. My only hope is that someday she will receive credit for re-vitalizing the American Eye-glass Frame Manufacturing Industry.

She's the reason young girls today want to look like Tina Fey.


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