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song lyric with cocaine in.

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Have you tried going to allmusic.com and listen to the samples? You can search those artists we mentioned and then their songs, listen to the samples and maybe you´ll find out. Or try to youtube with the word "Cocaine"...

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The song is likely, "Cocaine Blues".  Sadly, like the "House of the Rising Sun" finding any particular (old) version will be challenging. I have an old album (vinyl) which was a 'cut-out' version, but this was also a mess because Dave Mason's picture is on the front, but the rear is for something/someone entirely different (which is what the actual record was). One of the tracks lyrics went something like:

"Me and my baby are goin' downtown, looking for a little something to bring us down.  Cocaine, running all 'round my brain. You take Bealle Street, I'll take Main......."

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