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Gumball contest


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Hi Racerxden :)

the correct answer and the winners were indeed posted, only they might have been a bit hard to find here

Our audit revealed that there were 617 gumballs in the Songfacts Fishbowl. A few people guessed 1910, which would have been clever of us, but beyond the capacity of a standard fishbowl. Here are the 5 winners of the CD with their guesses:

Ken - 610

Kristjan - 611

Bill - 612

Melinda - 613

Timothy - 621

As for favorite Bubblegum song, here's the tally:

"Sugar Sugar" - 59%

"Mony Mony" - 23%

"Yummy Yummy Yummy" - 31%

"Simon Says" - 5%

Thanks to all who entered, and to Floyd for the Fruitgum goodness.

and Welcome to Songfacts :)

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