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Best Concert Ever


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yeah... I just decided to stand back and bask in the shadow of hijackness.

and I was gonna hijack it with talks of Tom Petty.... definitely more off-topic than viking armies

What's wrong with my Viking army? Is it not [biggest]BIG[/biggest] enough for you? :P

[spoilerq:1]Spoilering this so that I don't cause Peaches to have a seizure.[/spoilerq]

[spoilera:1] :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel: :susel:

How's this, Scotty?!? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: [/spoilera]

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... and PJ opened... and they are unbelievably good live... practically Godlike, they play the new stuff with the same level of intensity and perfection a the old 'Ten'era stuff... and this show was like oh.. 4 months after the release of the excellent 'Pearl Jam' and it was an almost two hour set...

I already like you :grin:

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Another concert then? :)

The best concert ever for me was Neil Young in Sydney, 1989. Me and my two best friends missed out on tickets and we were devastated. So we decided to go to the venue and sit outside and at least try to hear him, drink some cheap wine and feel sorry for ourselves.

So there we were sitting outside the doors, so upset at what we were missing, when about half an hour in, three very drunk women came stumbling out of the doors, yelling out that Neil Young sucked, walked up to us and just handed us their tickets! We couldn't believe our luck! It was such a great moment.

So we ran in and Neil was still doing his acoustic set, which was just amazing. His voice is even better live. Then he pluggged in and I can honestly say I've yet to see a better concert. We couldn't believe those women walked out on it, but I'm so glad they did. It was one of the best nights of my life!

I have vertigo too by the way. It's called benign inner ear something or other. It's pretty debilitating when you have an attack. When you stand up the room starts spinning around like you've drunk half a bottle of scotch. Not a good feeling. :)

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