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The 25 Best Musical Films

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I think this is one of the first lists I've ever seen which puts Quadrophenia ahead of Tommy. Not in terms of the quality of the songs, lots of people prefer Quadrophenia and I suppose I have to agree that the songs might be a bit better, though I still prefer Tommy... but as a rock opera, most people/lists put Tommy first.

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I like this list, though I could make some changes to it as well. I don't think I'd put The Wizard of Oz at #1, maybe #2. In my life I've probably seen well over half of these, and enjoyed most of them. I can understand the rock operas not being included, they seem different in my mind. Maybe we need a list of them. Or did we just do that?? ;)

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I'd offer the protagonists of high school musical as human sacrifices to appease the gods. It's either that or they were placed here by the gods as a neverending pestilence to punish us.

:laughing: I actually like High School Musical :grin: ...my excuse is that I'm a girl and as a girl I am allowed to like anything soppy and cheesy...but it is actually a sweet little movie...the sequel not so much...although that lead actors commitment to maintaining over-the-top facials will always amuse me.

As for this musicals list...i'm not quite understanding why the South Park movie is on there...i mean i guess technically it IS a musical...but i would never have thought of it as one.

What i love from the list is Singin' In The Rain...which i studied this year and will never get sick of, Mary Poppins, Grease, and The Wizard of Oz.

Would have loved to see Rocky Horror there...also Moulin Rouge althoug i understand it's a bit arty for some people's tastes.

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