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where do i post a song fact request

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Welcome to Songfacts woogles! :)

We are happy that you think Songfacts is brilliant... it's the members that have made it so! Songfacts is interactive, in that all the information you find here has been collected and submitted by the members themselves. We have some very dedicated people that spend apparently all their free time, researching and verifying the facts and lyrics submitted. If there is a song that is not available, such as the one you requested we would greatly appreciate it, if when you discover any facts about it, or lyrics for it, you would submit them (see the homepage for links to do just that). That's how the site has grown into the brilliant place it is, due to people just like you! :)

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Lyrics are good... there is always someone looking for the lyrics to something! :)

You don't have to be a writer to submit facts. If you find some interesting facts on the 'net, submit them, along with your source (such as wikipedia, allmusic.com, and umpteen other music type sites), we have someone that checks and verifies them, before they are posted as actual fact. In other words... you can copy and paste, just note your source! ;)

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