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The Checks

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I saw these guys on Saturday night where they were supporting Muse. I didn't really know anything of them beforehand, just recognised the name...and now...i think they're pretty awesome.

They're a kiwi band that was formed in 2002 and play blues-driven high energy rock. In 2006 they moved over to England to work on their debut LP Hunting Whales with Full Time Hobbie Records. They've played support slots for R.E.M., The Hives, Oasis, Jet and now Muse.

Having seen them perform live i'd have to agree that they're fantastic...especially with their singer Ed Knowles who has this insane energy on stage and is just a natural performer.

The band consists of:

Edward Knowles -Vocals

Callum Martin- Guitar

Sven Pettersen- Guitar)

Karrel Chabera Jr.- Bass Guitar

Jacob Moore- Drums

You can check them here:

Or on their myspace:


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