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Best Songs of 2007

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I must say, I don't listen to a whole whole lot of new music, but one song that really caught my attention this year and I still think it's as great as it was the first time I heard is

"Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn and John.

I skimmed through everyone's lists, but didn't really see it!

Kinda psychedelic, but oh so catchy at the same time!

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I haven't gotten around to listening to much good music from this year. The 2007 songs I have heard most (other than Powderfinger's new album) is the crap that's topping the charts. :crazy:

The 2007 songs that stand out for me (from what I remember) are:

Icky Thump - The White Stripes

Long Road To Ruin - Foo Fighters

Black Tears - Powderfinger

I Don't Remember - Powderfinger

And the only full 2007 album I have heard is Dream Days At The Hotel Existence. It's good, but definitely not their best work. :)

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