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Good rap & hiphop...

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Aaarghh i keep typing comments and forgetting to post them :doh:

Soooo anyways...i haven't been on sf lately but i am trying to listen to everything people have suggested.

So what i've listened to so far:

Scribe- i don't really like him that much even though i'm from NZ, live he aint great and his newest stuff isn't very exciting...still not many and some of his older stuff can still be fun.

The Roots- I definitely like and will be listening to more :)

De La Soul and Outkast are pretty cool

Timbaland- I like him, he is pretty big right now...in nz and i'm guessing everywhere else as well. I hear him a lot in clubs.

Aesop Rock- I liked this guy, great lyrics definitely and not the usual rap i hear around.

MF Doom- Not sure about him but i did kinda like America's Most Blunted so will try and listen to more.

Del Tha Funkee Homosapian- he's great, was already familiar with some Gorillaz stuff but hadn't heard the Deltron 3030 songs before.

A Tribe Called Quest- definitely cool, and a great example for people who have the view that rap is all about 'pimps and hoes'

...and in reply to Batman...my fave modern band at the moment is Muse although i do listen to quite a bit of 'classic rock' as well, i'm generally open minded about music so no worries.

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I think I'd have to echo what someone else said:

Digable Planets ~ Very cool very jazzy feel

De La Soul ~ Fun, different than the norm

Big Daddy Kane ~ Quick-witted, Smart and his vocab is out of this world

KRS One ~ In MY opinion one of the best to ever do it, smart, razor sharp lyrics

*********And if all else fails: You could never go wrong with Ladies Love Cool Jay.....LL that is great beats and rhymes not to mention it doesn't hurt that he has those abs of steel YUM!!!!

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i dont listen to much rap/ hip hop but i dont think its bad.

i like:


sing for the moment

like toy soldiers


cleanin out my closet

kanye west:

homecoming (ft chris martin)

big brother

heard em say (ft adam levine)


one and only (ft fall out boy)

throw it on me (ft the hives)

apologise (ft one republic)

and i also like the rap on gorillaz:

rock the house

clint eastwood

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if you like the raps in Gorillaz songs, you should definitely check out Del tha Funkee Homosapien. His album "Deltron 3030" features the guy who made the beats for the first Gorillaz album, and of course, Del does the rapping on Clint Eastwood and House Party. It's some great stuff.

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