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Jim Morrison-Ed Vedder similarities?

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I was listening to a live Pearl Jam recording yesterday, and I started to think "Gee Morrison and Vedder sure do have a lot in common" does anybody else here agree with me on this?

I mean:

1)The both have/had very powerful singing voices, and were both considered to have one of the best voices for their time.

2)They both seem to have an affinity toward the organ

3)They both have a very similar live performance (though Vedder isn't nearly as drunk/stoned as Morrison was) I mean Vedder's got quite a dirty little mouth! As did Morrison.

There are lots more, but those are the 'big three'

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There are general similarities.

Ed is actually pretty quiet until something gets him going. Jim was usually quiet until he got drunk. Ed will bring wine on stage...don't know if he ever got falling down drunk. Both are known for spewing venom and getting carried away with their angst.

Ed's never been arrested onstage like Jim was. Ed was arrested, however, for allegedly beating the daylights out of some guy in a bar many years ago. I don't recall hearing about Jim getting into fights - except with his personal demons.

Jim had a nice voice - a clear voice, as does Ed, but Jim's vocal range wasn't that great; Ed has amazing range. Jim grunted, howled and screamed a great deal - on and off stage. Ed does this, but mostly during live shows. Both Ed and Jim are/were amazing song writers. Neither Jim or Ed considered themselves good singers.

Both hated their father/stepfather. Both wrote about angry childhood/teen years; Jim's writing was more hidden/twisted in the lines of his poetry, while Ed was more obvious. Ed talked more about it publicly, whereas Jim just listed his parents as dead.

Jim was, and Ed is very charismatic. Jim was openly sensual and sexual, free, and comfortable with it. Ed doesn't project those characteristics openly, but many women find him sexy.

Affinity for the organ? I'm not touching this one: it's too ambiguous. ::

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Affinity for the organ? I'm not touching this one: it's too ambiguous. ::

I was going for the musical organ, not the male.

But speaking of ambiguous.........................................'THE AMBIGUOUSLY GAY DUO!!!!!!'(aah sweet SNL where would I be without you) :jester:

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