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Most influential albums in your work.


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Sorry if someone already posted something like this, but I couldt find it.

Anyways, here's mine.

2112 - Rush. Simply the album that made me go out and buy a guitar.

II - Led Zep. I think at one time I knew how to play every song from that album. It was also my first dose of Zep and still one of my alltime favorite albums.

Revolver - Beatles. Now there's some rhythm guitar lessons. To me, here's where George shines the most when playing with the Beatles.

Blizzard Of Ozz - Ozzy. That's when I started to get a bit more technical. Randy is still one of my favorites.

A Day At The Races - Queen. Need I say more?

Sheer Heart Attack - Queen. Look above.

Kiss me - The Cure. Pop rock with extensive guitar mayhem.

OK Computer - Radiohead. Analog pedals and tremolo picking are back!! Also they made it cool to sing about aliens again.

The Downward Spiral - NIN. Just love the filthy guitar textures and beats made out of different sounds.

Loveless - My Bloody Valentine. Melody and harmony made out of noise. Masterpiece.

Goo - Sonic Youth. It's like a mad guitar lab. Check it out.

Paul's Boutique - Beastie Boys. The whole album is almost entirely built from samples, yet very original.

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Many of the albums already listed in the first post, also

The Doors ? Self Titled & Strange Days, It seems it's an innovative sign of controversy that hadn't really been expressed before.

Led Zeppelin I - it's a significant source of experimental hard rock, showcased through blues roots.

Black Sabbath ? Master of Reality ; Heavy Metal set grounds with this breakthrough.

Pink Floyd ? Ummagumma displayed a strong set of heavy instrumentals

Pink Floyd ? The Wall used Conception in a transformed way, many tried to pick up on the idea, but failed to do so with as much brilliance as Waters.

Kraftwerk - Autobahn set the way for Techno to come

Metallica ? Ride the Lightning Metal Guitar Solo madness at it?s best, Hammet kicks some serious @$$ throughout this album

Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine Industrialized Industrial, hadn?t really been focused on before in obscurity

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The only one that I can think of right now (way too many to choose from) is:

Pearl Jam-Vitalogy= It's one of my favorite guitar rock albums ever! I too felt the need to go out and buy a guitar after listening to it, with great songs such as

Not For You, Courdoroy, Nothingman, Tremor Christ, Betterman :thumbsup: and the masterful, hugely underrated Immortality!!!! :coolio: :bow:

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