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help? w/ good bands/musicians

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Sounds like you are into progressive rock.. You should take a listen to Marillion.. What Rush and Yes do you like, specifically? Old, classic stuff, or the newer, more pop stuff? Marillion from '81 to '87 were very much like classic Yes, and Genesis wrapped up in one.. They actually opened for Rush on one of their American tours, back in '85 I think it was.. Great stuff!


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Thanks all of you for helping me out so far. I will definitely look into Marillion. I like from Yes; Drama, Tales from T. and Fragile, Bruford is great. Rush; 2112, Hemispheres, Farewell to Kings, their old stuff. My choice for best all around band for 1)intense lyrics and 2)crazy, sick and very skilled way they play their instruments is TOOL.

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