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Found 3 results

  1. Hey there, Kickstarter fans, "Techmoan" has just the thing for your "Montgomery Scott"-wannabe Nerd friend/sibling/relative. "Mr. Nixie" has a Kickstarter campaign for an electronic kit (or assembled for the unhandy) featuring a set of Nixie tubes. Range: 63/330/1K/3K/10K Herz + front mounted microphone for crude "voice analysis." Warning! Intermediate to Advanced electronic kit building skills required.
  2. https://www.shutterbug.com/content/new-reflex-1-camera-claims-be-“-first-fully-updated-35mm-manual-slr-25-years” Imagine a 35mm Single Lens Reflex film camera that can do the following: 1. Change lens mounts from M39 Praktica/Pentax to Nikon F to Canon FD and back when needed. 2. Allows you to change film in mid-roll via a modular film back 3. Is as basic as possible, for those wishing to graduate from "Smart Phone Photography." It also claims to be the first updated/original camera design to appear in the past 25 years. It's enough to depress the Pentax K1000 used camera market all by itself. (Imagine that, a brand new film camera that isn't a does-it-work used camera!) So, are you itching to try Kodak's relaunched Ektachrome slide film line if/when it arrives next year? Are you looking for a camera that won't have it's sensor destroyed at LASER shows? Are you ready to step up from fuzzy/light-leak-prone LOMO "Hipster toys"? Check it out, "Decisive Moment" fans!
  3. https://www.shutterbug.com/content/“i’m-back”-16mp-digital-back-promising-new-life-old-35mm-film-cameras Cruising through the Shutterbug website, I ran across this article on "putting a digital sensor into analog film cameras." Is this for real? Can your grandpa's Contax II be used to take 16MP digital pictures? How about that "orphan M42 Ricoh Singlex TLS" that you dug out of the trash? This looks/sounds like an electronic wrinkle on the "stuff a ho-hum digital camera into a decrepit 35mm SLR film camera body" that can be found on YouTube. This "Steampunk Photography" movement is also responsible for taking perfectly mundane 3-element lenses off analog film cameras as adapting them to digital mirrorless wonders and marveling at the "Bokeh" these otherwise optically awful lenses produce. (Triotar, Radionar, and certain Russian Leica Screw Mount lenses produce "swirly Bokeh" and other astigmatic backgrounds when used at maximum aperture.) Sigh, the days of "photographer David Hamilton" have returned, in a Harvey Weinstein kind of way.
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