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Found 108 results

  1. Submitted for your approval, a mellow cover of a U2 signature song. Have a safe weekend and Memorial Day. (The next door neighbor's kids had a somewhat noisy/spirited celebration.)
  2. A spirited instrumental from a visiting French 'Ukulele artist.;)
  3. A song of love for these troubled times from Maila Gibson.
  4. There was a "Pink Moon" seen around the world. So, "don't bark or bite" and go dancing in the moonlight. If it happens to be Maui, so much the better.;)
  5. A song about a Player amd a guy who's being played. Watch out boy, she's a maneater!;)
  6. A simple song for a complicated world this Friday evening...
  7. When I saw the title, I thought it was going to be about a "princely lover." The lyrics got me to turn on "closed captioning" to see if what I'd heard was right. Is this a song about a lover, or "liquid courage" that makes her "wake up on the wrong side of the bed?";)
  8. A laid-back Reggae tempo love song. She's st the Top of the World...
  9. What we've got here is "failure to communicate..." Anyway, rock the weekend away with this spirited Rock song.;)
  10. Tavana asks the basic question of our times, about Love, Brotherhood, and Giving instead of Taking...
  11. It's a new year, so here's a song about starting over...
  12. The chaos pf Christmas/Holiday shopping is enough to drive one crazy, especially looking for parking or navigating The Mall. Take off those soggy shoes, set your packages down, pour yourself something to take the edge off, and play this "Meet Me In St. Louis" movie classic song. See you in 2020.;)
  13. "The Fiddle Man," a song written for composer Sam L'ia
  14. Submitted for your approval, a laid back song about a Significant Other.
  15. Submitted for your approval, a song about now and tomorrow. Have an interesting weekend.
  16. Halloween horrors have passed and November has arrived. Is there something or someone that you'd like to come back? Here's the original Kapena "front three" asking an eternal question...
  17. It's the weekend before Halloween, and TV is full of the usual suspects. (Vampires, Ghosts, Werewolves, Zombies, big business folk;) In keeping with the season, here's an ethereal performance from a local band... Streetlight Cadence: "Thinking of You" Justin Young - "Until the Morning"
  18. The Holiday Spendy Season is approaching. Here's a tale of someone chronically short of cash, just to remind you to "keep holiday spending under control."
  19. Submitted for your approval, a 'Ukulele instrumentalist presents a "Lord of the Rings"-level war theme. Shredded 'Ukulele, anyone? This week, "Hi Sessions" had other virtuosos on tap. Aidan James - "Don't" Jeremt Cheng - "Brown Sugar"
  20. Friends. Some dependable, with the right work or action to brighten up your day. Then, there's the problem friend, who you might have known all your life, who has a challenging life. Do you have a "Roger" in your life?
  21. As Summer slips away with Halloween is just around the corner, here's a simple love song to start your day...
  22. Some have all the luck, The Right One is the one you grew up with. A song that celebrates the one who has always been "right before your eyes." Too slow? Fly along with Aidan James as "One of The Ones"
  23. How about a love song, asking the "usual question" for the upcoming Labor Day weekend?
  24. So, Your relationship is coming apart in the heat and humidity of the Summer? Keep it going with some effort, or let it slide into the past? Time to flip a coin...
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