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Found 7 results

  1. This trio wouldn't know what to do with a cookbook, let alone edible ingredients. See what happens to these "I just phone in an order from the local McDonald's" fellows.;)
  2. It's broad daylight, but you want to "get buzzed." Check out the "Adult Ice Cream" selection hidden behind a guarded door and select your "cool blast.";)
  3. No, they didn't get to try "Cherry Garcia" (If that hasn't been retired), but this segment will have you craving some ice cream yourself before you see if this Irish test panel has any taste.;)
  4. Once again, our non=gourmet Irish panel tries out various kinds of Domino's Pizza. Due to Domino's offerings having a subpar (at best) reputation, this is a scandalous video!
  5. Do our favorite Irish guinea pigs, er, "taste testers" like Texas grub? With alternating reactions from humor to horror, of course!;)
  6. Do things taste better when you're drunk/hammered/wasted? The Facts Irish panel gets drunk, THEN tries various kinds of "drunk food" with the usual hilarious results. (Some of these "foods" must have been crated by a drunk!)
  7. "Facts" on YouTube has people trying various things from around the world. However, the Irish are roped into this "try this and tell us what you think of it" most often, with hilarious results. (The Irish guinea pigs in this studio setting aren't hard drinkers; some even react negatively toward Guinness brews!) Submitted for your approval, several Irish folks dig into American barbeque with varied results. An Irish person DOESN'T like Guinness brews!? How "Irish" are YOU?
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