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Found 5 results

  1. Submitted for your approval, an Anime series that I missed on Adult Swim when it first appeared. I should have realized that this "Thelma and Little Louise"-like production bore the stamp of Shinichiro Watanabe, of "Cowboy Bebop" fame. Unlike the pretty lame North American Anime productions, this is at least as interesting as "Spike, Jet, Ein, Faye, and Ed."
  2. Submitted for your approval, a much-less-than-Conan-the-Barbarian tale. Here's a 2011 film for kids of all ages, "ripped with six pack" or not.;)
  3. Also known as "Beyond The Clouds, The Promised Place," I found this after searching the Internet Movie Database for information on "Hearts of the West." In this English dubbed Anime, Japan's northern island, Hokkaido (also known as Ezo) is part of the Soviet Union, while the islands to the South are under the U.S.A. Middle school students, intrigued by a huge mast in Hokkaido, seek to visit across the forbidden border. Things start to happen just before the Summer school break... "5 Centimeters Per Second," another Anime by Makoto Shinkai
  4. Submitted for your approval, an Anime about Life and Death, and a journey to bring someone back from death. I found this English dubbed movie while looking at a trailer for "Paprika." A Google! search mentions that this is the longest Anime produced...so far. It's not Studio Ghibli, but what a journey!
  5. Bouncing around YouTube, I discovered that there are quite a number of videos about extinct TV. Case in point, an Anime series that helped put Cartoon Network's after-hours "Adult Swim" on the cable TV map. For the few fans of "Firefly," here is/was a tale about a (very) disparate group of solar system bounty hunters that is Not For Kids. (And that's what makes it a series for people who Hate Anime!) 107 facts about the movie "Wall-E" "Samurai Champloo" trivia "Space Dandy" #1
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