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Found 9 results

  1. Otokichi

    Bone Fone

    It's 1980, and your at-home stereo headphones won't stay in place as you go about Jogging, walking the dog, or mowing the lawn. What to do? There's an answer to this problem, the wonderful "Bone Fone." which channels radio through your body instead of speakers. "Techmoan" takes a look at the "bone conduction" AM/FM radio appliance for the young and mobile. Can this over-the-shoulder-and-around-the-neck audio device live up to the brochure's many claims ?
  2. Otokichi


    Another "behind the music/song" video about a swept-under-the-rug problem then...and now.
  3. Otokichi

    Sony FH-7 Mk. II

    Submitted for your approval, a 1980's Sony "compnent Boom Box"! This 15Kg (fully assembled) super bricks series did have a carrying handle, but only "Ahnold" could hoist it/carry it around on his shoulder. This is the first in planned series on "Boom Boxes/ Ghetto Blaster" radio/tape/EQ/phonograph all-in-ones. My old Fisher unit is more basic (no autoreverse tape p;layer) and plastic to boot, but it did the job back in the day. Did you own (or wishe you could own) such an "eater of batteries" radio/tape unit?
  4. Otokichi

    Wall Radio

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JM64ajfq6jM&t=17s Submitted for yoiur approval, a short vlog from "Techmoan" about a "wall mounted FM radio." This looks like a Heathkit-level electronics kit project/conversation piece or a "solution in search of a problem. Would you believe that a (somewhat) improved version arrived in the U.S. under the "AC-Delco" brand?;)
  5. And now for something completely different. There's not a word said, but themes and variations fly as "fiddlers go wild"!;)
  6. Otokichi

    Working For The Weekend

    The days are getting longer and hotter out here. Is it Spring yet in your region? It's a sunny Friday afternoon out the door, just in time for the weekend...
  7. Otokichi

    CD Video! (Not "VCD")

    Techmoan has resurrected another audio/video format from the late 1980's for your consideration. Imagine a CD-size disk that has three (count them, 3!) digital music tracks AND analog video content! This dual format/speed system required special equipment to play everything and cost way too much for the target youth market. So this "mixed format" disc died a swift death, with MPEG 1 VCD getting all the attention...in Asia. Then there's the dreaded "Laser rot" syndrome that first bedeviled LaserVision/Laserdisc owners. It's a long, strange trip from there to DVD...
  8. Otokichi

    September Gurls

    It's early September, and there's been no wind all day. The hot August nights spill over into the next month. And now for a spirited cover of "September Gurls" to cool things off... Big Star's 1974 non-hit (?)
  9. A very disturbing instrumental from the 1980's! What wordless masterpiece stirs your passions and inhabits your memories?