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Found 2 results

  1. Otokichi

    "Kawaita Hana" (Pale Flower)

    And now for something (kinda) different. Turner Classic Movies presented two movies by Masahiro Shinoda, known for tales about outsiders and, much later, Kabuki on film. A just-out-of-prison-for-murder Yakuza member returns to Tokyo, and finds that things have changed, even after three years. A chronic gambler, he spots an "innocent" at game and strikes up a conversation. Things go as fast as the girl's 1964 Renault Floride in the "dark before dawn." Then an ex-Hong Kong thug shows up, and his life becomes a balancing act...
  2. Otokichi

    Robinson Crusoe on Mars

    Return with us now to those early days, when Mars was an Edgar Rice Burroughs literary concept and the only way to see The Red Planet was through a telescope. Before satellite photos 1n 1965 revealed the true surface of Mars, it was thought that an explorer could find the requisites (air, water, food) should they seek "My Favorite Martian." I recall seeing a TV broadcast of this movie when WTBS was just getting stated. So, get into your space suit, and fasten your safety harness, Mars awaits!;)