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Found 7 results

  1. I was looking for a "Techmoan" obsolete tech find video, when I stumbled across proof that "Americans don't speak English." Have "a giggle," as Mrs. Peel might have said to "John Steed," and see what YOU know about our apparently incomprehensible American dialect.;)
  2. "A fiery rocket screaming past the speed of light! A cloud of Dark Matter exhaust! A hearty "Bite My Shiny Metal Ass"! Futurama presents: "The Return of 'All My Circuits"! Come one, come all, and return to the magical world of your imagination like it's 1939.;) Good News, Everyone! Hear Fry and Leela slide down the stairs! Imagine Fry's 3D nude stature! Thrill to Zoidberg being beaten up with banjos! Find out what Bender's mother has been doing all this time! It's an "Orson Welles/"War of the Worlds" radio show for "Futurama" fans. ("Futurama," anyone?)
  3. "Biographics" is YouTube information master Simon Whistler's latest channel. Usually, he goes: "Hello, I'm Simon Whistler and Today I Found Out..." But here he presents John Lennon of "The Beatles" fame, warts and all. (Since I'm neutral on The Fab Four, this is my Random Thought on a prominent musician, for Songfacts' sake.)
  4. "Raindrops keep falling on my head..." Does that bring up memories of the movie, "Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid"? May I introduce to you, an interesting YouTube video maker, Jerry Skinner, who's been making posts about interesting people, from singers to movie stars, to at least one iconic character ("Casey Jones"). I first ran across him when I followed a "What happened to _?" post about Gene Vincent, which led "down the rabbit hole" to Clark Gable and Steve McQueen. Then there's what happened to James Baldwin on his walk to conquer fear among potential Black voters in 1966 Mississippi.
  5. https://munchies.vice.com/en_us/article/vbmz8d/trump-supporters-enraged-by-18th-century-custard-recipe YouTube has proved to be a fount of interesting Vlog posts about a great many things, from World War I ("The Great War") to live TV program limited marathons ("Futurama," "Family Guy," "American Dad," "Bob's Burgers") to Photography ("The Angry Photographer") to Townsend & Sons food from 18th Century. On July 2, 2017, an "Orange Fool" post became notorious for outraging supporters of Donald J. Trump. As a subscriber to Townsend & Sons, I found out about this after the great brouh
  6. Here's an old piece of tech that I looked at for a second, then turned away when I saw the price of the media and playback/record hardware. I had wondered if there was something more interesting than Compact Cassettes, and the techie buzz was hot for MiniDisc. Like Apple computers, this tech was priced way above my take home pay level, so I stayed with audio cassettes until recordable CDs and DVDs arrived for Ye Olde Computer. Did you have the scratch to invest in the MiniDisc system? And, by the way, this British YouTube techie is very entertaining, having looked at 4- and 8-track systems, RC
  7. Today was laundry day, so I looked around Youtube for foreign films like "Ballad of Narayama" (1983) and "Onibaba" (1964). To pass the time as the wet wash passed through the dryer, I looked at other foreign films. A number of these foreign films have English subtitles, but you have to activate them via Closed Captioning. "Road To Berlin" starts out with a "rear echelon" junior officer on dispatch duty, and quickly puts him face to face with German tanks and bullets whizzing past his naive head. "Road To Berlin" "White Tiger" is the director's homage to his World War II- tank-cr
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