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Found 3 results

  1. If the tale of "Supermarket Woman" is too tame, here's a Japanese Black Comedy. This time, we're in the Yakuza world, where a young "wiseguy" supplies "working girls" on demand for a corrupt politician. The sadistic old man beats up a new girl, and things go South suddenly. Enraged at the "dispose of the body" treatment of his "working girl," the wiseguy rounds up his gang of punks to get revenge. The gang of idiots are tracked down by the "made men" and Mr. Wiseguy is on the run. This is a 2 hour 15 minute movie, taking the viewer into "back roads Japan," thanks to a Peruvian Japanese taxi dr
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ltwdpv1jF4c&t=63s Turner Classic Movies is on a gangster kick as July 2019 comes to an end. This widescreen movie set in the town next to the Yokosuka Navy base, unrolls the tale of a small time Yakuza wannabe, who goes from small time crimes to trying to score pig feed from the U.S. Navy base to raise pigs into hogs for his chronically ill boss. He runs afoul of rival gang members and is "convinced" by full timers to "take the fall" for a murder. Meanwhile, his long-suffering girlfriend tries to steer him to a respectable factory job. Things go from co
  3. And now for something (kinda) different. Turner Classic Movies presented two movies by Masahiro Shinoda, known for tales about outsiders and, much later, Kabuki on film. A just-out-of-prison-for-murder Yakuza member returns to Tokyo, and finds that things have changed, even after three years. A chronic gambler, he spots an "innocent" at game and strikes up a conversation. Things go as fast as the girl's 1964 Renault Floride in the "dark before dawn." Then an ex-Hong Kong thug shows up, and his life becomes a balancing act...
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