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Found 11 results

  1. Stretching "Song Images" way beyond FUBAR, here are several versions of a common soldier's favorite song from World War II. It all began with Simon Whistler talking about the most popular World War II song, and led to this video. Grab the latest "Star & Stripes," head off to the Latrine to "do your business," it's time to hear something on Grandpa's/Great-Grandpa's Hit Parade...
  2. Found by accident on YouTube while following a link to Janson Media. Submitted for your skepticism, the youngest soldier in World War II, Seryozha/Sergei Aleshkov, a six-year-old who went from climbing trees to dodging Nazi soldiers in the forest. You have to select "Closed Captioning," then "English" to follow this tale of The Great Patriotic War. Otherwise, press "PLAY."
  3. And now for something completely different. Yesterday was the anniversary of "The Day That Will Live In Infamy" for the U.S. The World War II channel on YouTube took on the minute-by-minute tale of December 7th, 1941, in Hawaiian standard time, in 10 parts. If you've ever wondered if the Pearl Harbor attack was preventable or a plot to get the U.S. into World War II, this "mini-series" will answer those questions. Pilots, man your planes: Tenno Heika, Banzai!
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr-Zz5HbO7Q&list=PLwGzY25TNHPAtgsHJ6CnH-pn38anqOwzH Submitted for your approval, a Russian TV series set during World War II. Here's a look at the Russian air force (VVS) at the squadron level operating off a grass field near a forest. (Conditions resemble World War I, complete with novice pilots and tents.) English subtitles via CC. It's time to defend Russia during The Great Patriotic War and turn back the Nazi horde that seeks to exterminate "Untermenschen." (Us!)
  5. Submitted for your approval, a series of short films about German soldiers in World War II. Unless you speak German, select the subtitle tab abd you too, will "get up close and in the minds" of these foot soldiers.
  6. Submitted for your approval, an old piece of music that has transcended the World War II movie from which it came. Film buffs might remember "Dangerous Moonlight," but the powerful opening of the "Warsaw Concerto" thunders into the sky.
  7. http://moviesonline.mx/watch/gdVMqpGD-the-eternal-zero.html I came across trailers for this 2013 Japanese war drama, and this is the only link I've found for the film. It is doubly strange because it's dubbed into French with English subtitles (!). This is a tale of rediscovery by the current generation, who discover that their biological grandfather died in World War II. Interviewing the few surviving comrades, the grandson tries to reconcile the "coward" brand his grandfather bore in spite of his aerial exploits against the ever-more-powerful enemy. Note: The director has been criticized by both Right and Left wing commentators for either making an anti-war film or glorifying the World War II Japanese military. See what you think.;)
  8. I happened to "time shift" the FX movie, "Unbroken" to see what sort of a "True Story" it was. The bare bones of Olympic achievement at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, followed by survival in the South Pacific, to jump "from the frying pan into the fire" Hell in a Japanese P.O.W. camp was...dramatic. Presented for your approval, a similar tale of World War II, on the Thailand to Burma railway, glossed over by "Bridge on the River Kwai." (I saw it recommended in a thread discussing "Unbroken.") I've since concluded that "Unbroken" has similar issues for movie reviewers that keep "Tora! Tora! Tora!" replays restricted to Attack on Pearl Harbor anniversaries, while "Pearl Harbor" plays on and on. How much of this tale is true?
  9. Last week, while catching up on "The Great War" (World War I) with Indy Neidell, I followed a link to the "guns and ammo" video posts. (Is the British SMLE better than the German Mauser 98K?) Just to prove that even fans of the "Second Amendment" have other interests, I ran into this "behind the scenes" look at Great Britain's home front during World War II. I've seen "Foyle's War" and "Home Fires" Great Paxford, and "84 Charing Cross Road," far from the front lines. I'm aware that rationing in Great Britain didn't completely end until 1951, but the reality of "Welsh Rabbit" with rabbits shot on Lord Punkington's estate is sobering. See how you'd like to "go Vegetarian" in a big way as German bombs fell on London and the American Spam supply depended on Bletchley Park cracking the ENIGMA codes. (And you thought that "Russian Black Bread" was a digestive challenge!;)
  10. Submitted for your approval, a song for members of the armed forces stationed far from home. It's a few days past the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack that thrust the United States into World War II, which was a battle between the Looters vs. the Conservators. Just a small reminder of what "Sacrifice" is about, that some forget and others know not the meaning.
  11. Part one of two parts, where British and Italian forces square up for a fight...and find they can't stand each other, or live without the other. The British "stiff upper lip" meets "the gesture"';) If you don't keep him on a leash, he's going to end up on tomorrow's menu!
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