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Found 6 results

  1. I was looking for a Song Image, bounced around "Did you know these 33 songs are covers?" Then found a "Poodle Hat" song set to Billy Joel's "Piano Man." Press PLAY if you want to travel back 15 years ago, when Spiderman was just starting to swing around Manhattan...;)
  2. A so-called "Weird Al' Yankovic fan" took issue with this video. Oh my, somebody put something in his orange juice today. Personally, I liked "Weird Al" skewering of Richard Harris' "MacArthur Park." When I finally heard it on AM radio back in the day, I thought it was Pretentious/Over produced/Loud/Weird. Imagery aside, "MacArthur Park" is something on my "you have made an enemy!" playlist. But the weekend has arrived, so let's RUN FOR YOIUR LIVES! The Dinosaurs are loose!;)
  3. Submitted for your approval, a very long song from "Weird Al" Yankovic about a vegetable dish associated with Northern Europe. (I saw a song titled "Albuquerque Turkey," and another song about that town in New Mexico took over.) Original songs by His Weirdness are rare, and long ones are likewise uncommon. So take that head of fresh cabbage and "go Samurai Chef" on it while salting as the occasion moves you. (Just don't bring it to a Thanksgiving dinner!) "Albuquerque Turkey" (vocal)
  4. I read that "Weird Al" Yankovic achieved something that "bonafide musicians" haven't gotten...yet. Yep. "Mr. Polka Face" has been inducted into the "rock 'n roll hall of fame," which is surprising and depressing at the same time. Getting back to the subject, I can't think of too many "song videos" that get this visual about a subject. (I'll have to look for Robin Thicke's "Rapey" original...whenever I recover from this "in your face" English grammar lesson.;)
  5. I don't remember the original "unweirded," but, as usual, The Great Accordionist delivers lyrics and images about then-current events...
  6. Are there any "Bronies" out there? These would be adult fans of "My Little Pony," many of the XY persuasion, which has always puzzled me. (I'm a "Cowboy Bebop" fan, you see.) Submitted for your approval, a "warm fuzzy" look at The End of The World As We've Known It, AKA "Nuclear Winter Wonderland." Fortunately Holiday Madness doesn't last forever, though some would like to Nuke the whole thing, trapped at the mall or in traffic. Uh oh, Santa Claus Has Gone Crazy!
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