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Found 1 result

  1. Why can't "Video Description" be like "Closed Captioning"? I've been watching the 2016 version of "The X-Files" when I came heard "Scully and Mulder get out of the car and walk to a small house." That was odd, but revealed nothing to come. But then, the "video descriptor" began to reveal what was happening before it played on the screen. I had to turn down the audio and select "Closed Captioning" so I wouldn't be exposed to "Spoilers." It only partially worked, and turned a suspenseful episode into a kid's cartoon. Fortunately, "The X- Files 2016" will end soon, so I won't be "spoiled" by "video description." As for that tongue-in-cheek Fox series, "Lucifer," I'm NOT coming back. (If "video description" is the new norm at Fox, which ruins TV and movies, I'll tune in only networks that practice "Silence," like anybody else but Fox.) Also, I've noticed that some "CC" can't keep up with the screen action, which looks like a video version of badly dubbed Hong Kong martial arts movies. Nit picking, you say? I live right under an aircraft flyway, and when U.S. Army helicopters fly over, "CC" is the only way to find out what, say, "Rizzoli and Isles" are doing. I can always rewind "time-shifted" TV, but not when, say, "Expedition Unknown" or "American Pickers" is on.
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