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Found 125 results

  1. Submitted for your approval, "Techmoan" is betting that the large, square Fuji Instax camera is better than the "portrait rectangular" original. Bonus: The "Moan family puppets" are back!;
  2. Do you remember the awful cardboard-and-plastic DVD cases of not-long-ago? "Techmoan" has a short vlog on UK's HMV group stuffing Blu-ray and DVD discs into (somewhat) substantial VHS-like storage boxes. Is this coming to your local swap meet or Walmart? Only the ranks of swiftly-disappearing-DVD want to know.;)
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JM64ajfq6jM&t=17s Submitted for yoiur approval, a short vlog from "Techmoan" about a "wall mounted FM radio." This looks like a Heathkit-level electronics kit project/conversation piece or a "solution in search of a problem. Would you believe that a (somewhat) improved version arrived in the U.S. under the "AC-Delco" brand?;)
  4. Is your name "Endeavour Morse"? Do you want to listen to a complete Opera "in one go" instead of having to get up and "flip over" the LP? Would you like a music CD that can last 2 hours insteaf of a mere 74 minutes? Well then, "Techmoan" has "finessed" the laws of Physics and "increased the data density" of BOTH vinyl LPs and CDs! Is there a catch? But of course...and there are NO puppets again!;)
  5. I didn't start using a computer until well past the Coleco Adam years, when software could be loaded onto (simpler) computers of the 56K modem years. So all of this "walk and talk" about Sinclair and Coleco was...boring. Still, for those who used their TV as a computer monitor, this is your gig. I'll search for "Techmoan's" blog segment while guzzling Diet Coke to keep from falling asleep from the "it-takes-some-time-for-the-software-to-load action." Who is/was this "Pete Shelley"?
  6. "High Definition" and "Laserdisc" don't appear to go together, but Japan in the 1990's (or even now) wasn't the same as "the rest of the world." Submitted for your puzzlement, the next tier of movie clarity during the Videocassette Wars era. A link to Part Two, where "Techmoan" gets a "P5" follows.;) Part Two of "The Quest for the Hi-Vision Laserdisc" system
  7. When you visit your folks DO THEY HAVE THE TV VOLUME SET AT 100? Fear not, you and their neighbors need not be subjected sonic assault any more. If you don't mind importing this Sony Wireless Speaker from the UK or Canada, problem solved. I. on the other hand, have aircraft of every description flying over the house at all times of the day or night at the 300m/1000ft minimum altitude, which can defeat everything but stereo headphones. Since I have a Bluetooth headphone, I'll look around for that kind of transmitter. (It beats having to turn on Closed Captioning and hoping that I can read fast enough to follow the action.:(
  8. Here's a gift suggestion for the parent "who has everything." (Not all households are headed by a "father" these days.;) In 1979, Sony debuted the Walkman stereo cassette player for "private listeners." Other electronics companies cogitated on how to capitalize on this rising wave. In 1980, Technics came out with the M1 (tape player only) and M2 (Plus FM radio) stereo cassette "bricks." Since these were Japan/domestic-market-only products, there's little chance that your "Jimmy Pesto" neighbor has/had one. (Who's "Jimmy Pesto," you ask? The bete noire of Bob Belcher of "Bob's Burgers" who pushes Bob's competitive buttons just by being across the street.;) I'll let "Techmoan" tell you the rest, as another commercial Sunday approaches.
  9. So you haven't got ten that "it gift" for Pater? Step right up folks, here's something that dear old Dad will find fascinating and frustrating at the same time! (Nothing like getting "the most memorable gift ever," right?) "Techmoan" was tipped off by a podcast viewer and imported this "three-way-'52-pickup" item from Japan and proceeded to "improve it" by any means necessary. There's also a sidebar on Japanese year/era numbering, and this item was patented in 1962, but made it market in 1964. Sorry, no puppets again.;)
  10. Is Math class far too dull? Can't wait for school to end so you can "pump coins at the arcade"? Fear not, there's a game hidden in the calculator! Yes, you can waste time and not learn higher math until the teacher catches you doing a "numbers game." So get those fingers limber and clear your mind of theorems and proofs, it's Game Time!
  11. "Techmoan" is back with a pricey "heat difference" engine kit. This up-and-down-piston-action engine operates via the difference in temperature between one surface and the other. It even works under bright sunlight! If the conditions are right, setting it in the palm of your (warm/hot) hand will start a "mechanical magic" show.;)
  12. Techmona's been at it again, importing a domestic-only Cassette Deck from Japan! Submitted for your approval, an "Up Convert" Cassette/CD/USB/SD card deck that runs on AC, in spite of having a carrying handle. Good news: The Puppets are back! Bad News: TY-AK1 performance is underwhelming.
  13. Netflix strikes again! "Techmoan" has gone artistic with a Sony TC-510-2 reel-to-reel field recorder, ala "Diva." As an added bonus, the Moan family puppets are back!
  14. Do you have a hankering for vector graphics of long ago? (The 1970's was "a long time ago"!?;) Techmoan has a suggestion for you, if you've got a Laser projector "lying around in the attic." This trip through the "Wreck It Ralph" arcade features links to software and a better Laser projector, as the tech is...dodgy. Sorry, no "Moan Family Puppet Theater" again, but a good time can be had by "Asteroids" gamers.;)
  15. Do the clocks in your living space bore you? Can't see the clock on your smartphone anymore? Fear not, "Techmoan" has something that shines a light in the dark! Inspired by Nixie tube displays of the old Space Age, this low-power-consumption LED-like 3D numerical display will knock the socks off your jaded Hipster friends. There is "some assembly required" on this kit, but you end up with your very own Light Show.
  16. Is this "state of the Pedagogical art" thing a reason for Oklahoma school teachers to be on strike? Techmoan has found a way to record sound on Paper! If you search "Educational Surplus" sites, this "audio book" might pop up just in time for spring break. (Don't let the kids forget EVERYTHING before the Fall semester! An at-home Summer school can be yours for a little cash/coin.;) Once again, no puppets.;(
  17. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when "multimedia" wasn't a high tech thing. "Techmoan" has unearthed an LP player+filmstrip viewer combo that first appeared in 1964 to delight kids at home and the classroom. This USA 60Hz unit has trouble with European 50Hz electrical systems, but it does the deed.;)
  18. Submitted for your approval, a Random Number Generator! (It even has a component fro "Radio Spaz"!;) Once again Techmoan finds time to talk about a serial production random number generator from the 1970's. So, what would you use this electronic beastie for? The Lottery? A Raffle? The mind boggles at the paucity of uses.;)
  19. A cloud of vinyl shavings and a hearty "What are you doing to my 'Miles Davis Bitches Brew' LP!" Techmoan has found another novelty record player for people on the go, and no, it's not the 1970s. Submitted for your (diss) approval, the people behind the 1970s VW van record player are back with a semi-serious/casual time waster for 2017. In another news bit, The Puppets Are Back! (Film at 2300 hours.;)
  20. Welcome back to the 1980's! For the on-the-go LP enthusiast, check out Audio Techica's AT-727, also known as "The Sound Burger." It's an "on-the-level-only" LP and 45 RPM single player that runs off batteries or wall plug. For the not-very-serious-listener, plug your folded stereo headphones (supplied, usually) into the plug at the back or use the RCA plugs for your "Moritz Super Receiver." Techmoan had to "go to Japan" to avoid being outbid by crazed collectors, which led to a "Clean Lubricate Adjust" session, replacing no-longer-ready drive belts and other degraded-by-time "pots." This good-enough-for-portable-play unit has attracted "the usual suspects," who slapped together copies that make China the butt of 'junk tech" jokes. Sorry, no puppets...again.;)
  21. Kickstarter has helped a number of memorable/worthwhile endeavors to launch via Internet backers. However, there are some projects that have have proven less-than-ethical or worthwhile. By popular demand, "Techmoan" bought and "built" a simple (!) cardboard-box-bodied turntable. Is this something memorable/worthwhile or a ripoff? Proceed if you dare!
  22. Step tight up folks, put this LP on your turntable and start from the inside! Marvel that the stylus moves toward the rim and plays something Angelic instead of Satanic! It's 16 minutes with Maurice Ravel! "Techmoan" has found yet another way to best that pesky music CD and celebrate "properly recorded bombast." (There are other "inside-out" LPs as well.;)
  23. I passed through Las Vegas twice before I was of legal age to gamble, so I'm not interested in games of chance at all. That said, "Techmoan" has a Slot Machine Jones, going from "plasticy things made for kids" to a real coin+steel ball machine. But for real fun, there's nothing like a "fruit machine" where you might get more coins than you started out with if you pull "three cherries." Got your English coins at hand? Good, start feeding YOUR "gambling jones.";)
  24. Just when Apple and other high tech companies/individuals have announced "the death of the music CD," along comes "Techmoan" with something to put these "visionaries" in their place. Also sold under the Marantz brand, this is a Professional Musician/Music Educator-level unit that wasn't found at the local Wal-Mart. With TWO CD drives, you can "play the one on top" and "record on the one in front." There are enough buttons, jacks, slide switches to satisfy the studio musician or control freak. This episode features music by an Indie band for folk in search of something "Candy Apple Blue.";)
  25. Techmoan has resurrected another audio/video format from the late 1980's for your consideration. Imagine a CD-size disk that has three (count them, 3!) digital music tracks AND analog video content! This dual format/speed system required special equipment to play everything and cost way too much for the target youth market. So this "mixed format" disc died a swift death, with MPEG 1 VCD getting all the attention...in Asia. Then there's the dreaded "Laser rot" syndrome that first bedeviled LaserVision/Laserdisc owners. It's a long, strange trip from there to DVD...
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