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Found 5 results

  1. Otokichi


    Are you ready for a land-based survival game? Z1 Gaming drops from orbit into a woodsy area to Tech Tree your way to adventure. Are there fish in the river? Wolves in the forest? Materials and minerals to harvest? Yep, though you may be shocked that this spaceman starts out with stone age tools and tech. OK, get out and explore, you have a time limit and your crafting wits...
  2. Submitted for your perusal, a "Honey I Shrunk Us!" game where insects are nearly your size, and there are basic ingredients to gather to craft into useful tools. As "The Incredible Shrunken Player," grass is tree-sized, a drop of water is almost good enough to keep you going, and there's something to repair, should you NOT want to meet a Spider!
  3. Submitted for your approval, a survival tale in the deep woods on Earth. Where's the rest of the airplane? Where's my son? Where am I? It's "Daniel Boone" time, where you need to assess the situation, gather materials, find out if the natives (if any) are friendly or not. Who was that "red man" who took my son?
  4. Submitted for your approval, an iteration of a unfamiliar (to me) game about an alternative future, long after a nuclear war has left pockets of humanity scattered across a "Road Warrior" world. Nothing like starting a game that's been going on for years, kinda like starting "Game of Thrones" in the last season with no idea of "who/what/when/where/why" is going on. Time to explore a "Twelve Monkeys"-like city scape... What is "Fallout"?
  5. You're traveling through Space and Time to look for a ship lost on an unexplored planet. Suddenly, your ship stops "flying through space," and is "falling into the planet's gravity well." Alarms blare and you get into an escape pod, which lands in water. The search-and-rescue mission is now a survive-a-planet-that's-trying-to-kill-you until help arrives trial by ordeal. What do you do next?
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