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Found 4 results

  1. I saw this on CNN this morning, and it ranks with other "remote performances" by others on YouTube. "Weird Al" Yankovic: "Classical Gas" Paul Simon: "American Tune" remote & live Chic Endor: "Keep Your Sunny Side Up"
  2. Good morning, Poland continues to resist the combined invasions by Nazi German and Russia, but things are looking bad. (According to "Indy Neidell" and the "Time Ghost Army") But here is another singer-songwriter who has something to say about September. Stop the shooting and bombing, already! Let's have"peace in our time" for a few minutes.;) World War II, Week #1 with Indy Neidell
  3. I was watching an episode of "Pawn Stars" and a piece of Neil Diamond memorabilia appeared. I wasn't paying much attention to the episode until Rick Harrison said: "Neil Diamond, The Jewish Elvis." He went on to say interesting things about the other "king of pop," which I filed away under "music trivia." It is a not-so-hot August afternoon, though the past few days with absent/weak trade winds have kept me up, waiting for "the cool of the evening" way past the 10 O' Clock news. Submitted for your approval is another "Hot August Night" in 1972, from "Solitary Man" to "Coming To America." (If o
  4. It's August, and there's precious little shade in Furnace Flats (which is "96 degrees in the shade";). I had forgotten that "Hot August Night" was the name of Neil Diamond's legendary concert, which used the opening line from "Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show." How's August in your town/city/region? Out here, Hurricane and tropical storm remnants are leaving Hawai'i greener (and soggier) than expected. Locally, it gets hotter next month, as Autumn cool flits past before the winds of Winter. Oh well, green brush is preferable to weekly brush fires.;)
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