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Found 9 results

  1. What is Appspro, also known as "Passenger #00FU" going on Planet 4546B? Get out your Seaglide, put an Arctic Peeper in the Fabricator, and we'll make water with a Bladderfish...;)
  2. Did "Vikings" end too abruptly? Was the last season of "Game of Thrones" a letdown? Fear not, Neebs Gaming, "Vikings" fans, tell what they know about the game, "Valheim."
  3. Music to play a post-apocalyptic game to. (Fallout?;)
  4. Hear ye, hear ye! Neebs Gaming takes a look at the world and game play in the third edition of "Watch Dogs." London has been taken over by unknown forces, and you need to recruit a diverse team to combat them!
  5. I ran across this on YouTube, another Neebs Gaming play through. As usual, this bunch can make the grimmest game a light-hearted romp through a northern forest. (Cannibals? Bash 'em and kill 'em! ) A village of Cannibals? Use your improved spears and the emergency axe! Explore a cave and find more Cannibals? Throw a stick of dynamite at 'em! It's four hours of an off-kilter survival game.
  6. Do you think that Minecraft is just a video game? Neebs Gaming thinks not. Submitted for your incredulity, a Scrap Mechanic/Minecraft musical on stage! (No Refunds!)
  7. Submitted for your vicarious nihilism, Grand Theft Auto 5, for people who "drive like maniacs" and use guns whenever possible. (A European's fantasy driving game?) I'm curious to see what Songfacts folk do in Los Santos.
  8. Arrgh! It's a priate's life for me! Submitted for cubicle dwellers and other indoor workers, an adventure in tropical seas in search of pirate treasure. Note: Neebs Gaming is an ensemble of actors, so there is colorful dialogue aplenty. Got your keg of Rum, loaded pistols, and trusty Cutlass? We sail with the tide...
  9. Submitted for your approval, a near -space-faring race from a stable that has chosen the ensemble approach to game play through. (Their indescribable version of "Subnautica" is unique, where the "lone survivor" on planet 4546B is "helped" by the loopy/ignorant/lazy Alterra staff at the home office.;) This time. things are as interesting/improbable/mind bending as the movie "Arrival." Are your four eyes functioning? Don't try to "jump over the "Black Hole" and look for trees to supply Oxygen as you explore a constantly changing moon. "I don't need the launch codes," you say? You got them yesterday? Isn't that a case of deja vu... "Subnautica" by Neebs Gaming. (The eqivalent of tech support over a party line...)
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