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Found 6 results

  1. Submitted for gamers with a sense of humor, two experienced gamers take on "Portal 2." Let the jokes and witty repartee begin...
  2. Submitted for your approval, an upgrade to "Subnautica: Below Zero" has a very different "front story." What hasn't changed are the hostile animals, scattered resources, and solitude. What's different is a temperature gauge; yes, you can die of exposure/frost bite when you're exploring out of the water. Get in the Shuttle, it's time to sneak past an Alterra Sentry ship and try to survive and "crash and burn.";)
  3. Otokichi


    I've heard "Subnautica" compared to "Minecraft," so it's time to stumble through this blocky world just to see what all the "It's just like 'Minecraft!" is about.
  4. Submitted for your funny bone, a comic space adventure. On the way to a funeral on board a hearse, things go FUBAR in transit. Your living companion is the family chicken, a happily optimistic robot advisor, and what ever you can craft from what's inside and outside of your passenger compartment. Who wrecked the ship and why are you spitting on what looks/sounds like "The Donbot" in "Futurama"?
  5. "Jacksepticeye" has dug his way out of the dungeon to...Meme Time!
  6. You've been sent to an unknown planet to scan, exploit and (hopefully) leave this dangerous place "suitable for colonization." Unlike "Subnautica," you are "armed and dangerous," but so is every other organism on the planet. It's been described as a cross between "Subnautica" and "Satisfactory," though getting around is a learning experience. OK, "Hernando Cortez," it's time to "pacify the planet" in the name of Kindred Aerospace. ("We're #4!) Here's hoping that your ship's "helpful'/sarcastic computer doesn't drive you nuts in the process. Gun ready? "Blast the hostiles!"
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